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Kingbastard's News

Posted by Kingbastard - September 15th, 2011

My new EP 'Brainfunk' will be out on October 3rd 2011.

If you head over to my site kingbastardmusic.com you can stream a track from it in full and also place a pre-order for either the digital or physical versions if you so wish.

The EP will be available to stream in full appproximately a week before official release and a track from it will be put up for free download on my Newgrounds page.

Press Release:

The Bastard is back! & this time he's serving up some glitch-infused, funk-flavoured treats for your delectation.

Brainfunk draws it's sound & inspiration from Kingbastard fusing his unique brand of Electronica with the psychedelic, colourful stylings of smoky 70's funk records and their hypnotic, kaleidoscopic sounds. However, don't for one minute be mistaken into thinking the riffs & hooks found adorning these tracks are samples taken from old vinyl records, this is all original work, written, performed, recorded, arranged & produced by the bastard himself. (ok, apart from the narration on track 3, but that's a given)

Brainfunk showcases Kingbastard's penchant for melody, riffs & rhythm. The six tracks are an eclectic, funkadelic brew of multi-instrumental, home-grown sounds & arrangements.

'Brainstorm' kicks off proceedings with a brooding atmospheric intro and evolving, intertwining melodies, underscored with progressive percussion; the track crescendos with aplomb & is rounded off with an irresistibly catchy funk-glitch coda.
'I Caught The Sun' is sun-drenched lo-fi that shimmers & sparkles, glitches & glistens, before KB's playful side is fully exposed on the infectious & strangely informative 'KingBee's Waggle Dance'.
'The Sunshine Skank' fuses funk & glitch & is best served hot on a dub-plate, whilst 'Out To Lunch' kicks-back, takes a break & mellows the mood for the final track, the superb 'You Float My Boat', a slice of laid-back, smoky funk, with Kingbastard's deft production techniques, musicianship & vocal skills on show.

Brainfunk continues Kingbastard's stellar & diverse output on Herb Recordings & once again shows he transcends classification, refusing to be pigeonholed.

[Herb Recordings]

Hope you take the time to check it out;)


Brainfunk [EP] Oct 3rd 2011

Posted by Kingbastard - May 30th, 2011

Myheadisaballoon - Treefella [EP] is out today & I'm chuffed;) The CD looks great, even if I do say so myself; I'm unashamedly proud of it. I hope you'll all have a listen and consider buying it. (The first 10 CD's bought from my site myheadisaballoon.co.uk include a bonus Limited Edition piece of artwork:). Your support, as always, is very much appreciated...

Also available on CD from these independent record stores:

Piccadilly Records - Manchester
Sister Ray - London
Jumbo Records - Leeds
Trading Post - Stroud
Resident - Brighton
Mono - Glasgow
Fives - Leigh on sea
Borderline Records - Brighton
A&A - Congleton
& coming soon to Rough Trade East & West - London

Available digitally from all good distributors, including: wlmshoponline, iTunes, HMV, Amazon, Beatport, Spotify, Virgin, Play, Juno, Napster, emusic etc.

Please show your support by visiting my site & clicking the Facebook 'Like' button under the EP cover artwork:)


Myheadisaballoon - Treefella [EP] OUT NOW!