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Nice! but....

...should've used my song 'myheadisaballoon':P
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/88228

eddsworld responds:

Damn, i totally should've D:

Great Stuff!

Course I am biased because you used my song, but it's a really good animation nonetheless.
I only wish it would get some more attention for you after all the hiccups along the way to getting this finished:)

Quality 5/5

Whirlguy responds:

I can think of countless reasons for the low(well yeah, kinda) score, not naming them all here, hehe. It's been a pleasure to animate to your song, I might just do it again. Thanks for reviewing (:

love it

the simplicity of it is great and I am a BIG fan of synced animation to music.
If you ever fancy a collab that'd be cool. I have a new EP out in April and it would be awesome to have a little promo animation/vid for it. I wouldnt be able to pay you in cash, but I would be able to pay you with my music/CDs etc:P

Great stuff

TheBoogley responds:

I've had a listen to your stuff, I've been looking for music for future projects. I like the new track... but I won't be making a new project for a little while yet.

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great fun

quality game, really simple to play, really fun too. 25 days for me;)

Cool Stuff

Great game, great graphics, gameplay and awesome music by Rucklo

good game...

nice and simple, quite addictive but way way too overlong. I easily got to half way through the second level and got bored. Perhaps cutting the number of stages per level to 3 might make the game more appealing and instant?
Good stuff though.
Nice graphics too.

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Production-wise, it sounds good. It's a horrible piece of music though. So very pastiche and uninventive. It hurts my ears to listen to such bland stuff. Im sorry, but I have to be honest. It's the most trivial piece of trance crap that I've ever heard. The 'outro' has some inventiveness, but please, kill that preset piano sound asap. It's so generic, please try harder.

Ok, so, i'll forgive the bad digital piano sounds, the cheesy vocals and the general vibe of this track, in the want to hear 'something more'

Dj-Gonzo responds:

This is a raw non-mastered version of the final song, we know it sounds cheesy at the moment, but we are working on it, don't worry. Thanks for your critizism, we'll try our best to make it sound the best we can.


game of thrones demo...it's bad (imo). The trumpet sounds so very bad. Strings, ok, but the persistent drums are just annoying, yet very relevant for the regurgitative soundtrack stuff. Im sorry if I appear to be harsh, but you obviously have skill. Why waste it on such shit...

Kassich responds:

Thanks for taking the time to listen! I'll do my best to keep improving as I write!

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Love it man, the contrast of the black and white against the colour works very well indeed, looks even better when viewed at full size, the detail jumps out at you.

Great stuff man, glad I could be a source of inspiration:)

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you a ton for taking the time to look at it and leave a comment.. Most appreciated sir!! :) :)

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