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Posted by Kingbastard - October 19th, 2018

Pop! Goes the People [Remastered - 10th Anniversary Edition] by Myheadisaballoon

Pop! Goes the People” was originally written and recorded in 2008, although a ‘condensed version’ of the album did not see the light of day until much later, in 2012. (Due to reasons I won’t bore folks with)  

This year sees its ten year anniversary, so I decided to pull the old ten track version, restore it to its original sixteen track running order and have the whole album remastered. For me it’s been given a new lease of life and I’ve enjoyed rediscovering these songs, which serve as an audio-diary of a time in my life that I won’t soon forget.  

The album and tracks therein hold a special sentimental significance. These songs are among the first pieces of music I wrote/recorded after finally being free of an addiction that had plagued me for many years. As such it is an album of heartfelt and honest themes. Anxiety, society and escapism, in one form or another. The songs are introspective and autobiographical, centring around a theme of letting go of old ways and trying to face up to and overcome my personal demons; starting over, learning to appreciate the little things in life.  

So here it is, the full sixteen track version in its original running order with a fresh new sound and artwork. I hope the music will be enjoyed by both those who heard it first time around and new listeners alike. 

Chris Weeks 


Posted by Kingbastard - August 31st, 2018


Just found this older live jam, a hardware only piece from 2015 which was written/performed during the making of my Kingbastard EP 'DATA'. It never made it onto the EP as it was not quite the right fit. Thought I would upload and share it for shits n giggles...


Posted by Kingbastard - May 22nd, 2018

I found a collection of old CDs containing many of my older Kingbastard tracks; written between the years 2000-2004. These are tracks I thought I had lost forever; tracks that were originally posted and hosted on the Newgrounds Audio Portal.

I couldn't recall the correct names for all the tracks, but I know most are accurate. 

This era was when I was first getting to grips with making more electronic-based music. The quality is not great, but they have a certain charm (for me at least). They were created using a Roland SP808ex, Yamaha DJX, an acoustic guitar & an old AKG mic I found at a car-boot-sale. They are what they are. 

It was a nostalgia trip for me stumbling across these CDs and I hope some of the original Newgrounds Audio folks find their way to this page for a listen & reminisce. 

40 tracks, two hours of tunes. All free to download.



Posted by Kingbastard - May 5th, 2018


Posted by Kingbastard - May 4th, 2018



Posted by Kingbastard - May 1st, 2018


WIN! “Kingbastard - Standalone” Prize Draw!
Be in with a chance to win this exclusive prize from Ambidextrous Records & Kingbastard.

Kingbastard’s new Vinyl EP ‘Standalone’: “...crunched up leftfield sonics for the machine-loving crowd…” has recently been released on Ambidextrous Records; pressing & distribution via Juno Records


Click on the image/link below for more info on how to enter. (it's very simple;)


Posted by Kingbastard - February 8th, 2018

I will finally be getting my first vinyl release, a four-track EP called 'Standalone', released on Ambidextrous Records and Distributed by Juno Reords on April 16th 2018

Kingbastard - 'Standalone' 12”, 180 gram Audiophile Vinyl coming soon on Ambidextrous Records Distributed by Juno Recordshttps://www.juno.co.uk/products/kingbastard-standalone/678122-01/



With a subject matter of an unsettled consciousness and the schizophrenic tendencies of the Artificial-Intelligence-Era, 'Chris Weeks', aka Kingbastard, has crafted a unique terrain for himself on his new EP, 'Standalone'; a beguiling workout of mind-bending, hardware-based electronic sounds.

Weeks fuses Techno sensibilities with an array of Experimental-Electronic techniques, producing an EP which echoes the genius of Aphex Twin & Autechre; making the UK-based Producer one of the most adventurous heirs of the Warp label.

The tracks found on 'Standalone' perfectly embody their titles, with glitch infused Techno, IDM innervation and fidgeting-synth flourishes, evoking the electronic-claustrophobia felt from living in our all-encompassing post-Snowden surveillance dystopia.

Championed by the likes of Bleep, Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6 Music), Rob da Bank (BBC Radio1 & 6Music), CLASH Magazine, Igloo Magazine, IRM (Indie Rock Mag), Future Music Magazine.

Posted by Kingbastard - April 8th, 2016

Norman's Lament - Taken from my forthcoming album 'Iris & Norman'. Released by Odd John Records on Limited Edition CD & Digital Formats from Friday the 6th of May, 2016. chrisweeksmusic.com

Posted by Kingbastard - March 25th, 2016


Posted by Kingbastard - January 19th, 2016



"Ingenious, raw, quick-fire-eclectic-electro-glitch, from the King of Bastards!" (Odd John Records)

'System Restore': the new album from Kingbastard. Released by Odd John Records on the 22nd of January 2016.
Digital Album available from the Odd John Records Bandcamp and across all good digital retailers. 
Limited Edition CD available exclusively from kingbastardmusic.com


Broken Windows 
Through which no lights stream 
Shattered system 
Battered machine. 
The bubble's burst 
A painful blister 
Old Memory 
A distant Vista. 
A nervous system 
Cannot be ignored 
Neither can it be 

System Restore works best as a 'gapless' album. 
Streaming via this site does not fully represent the true quality of the material or the gapless running order.

Music & Artwork by KINGBASTARD 
Released by: Odd John Records 
Distributed by: The state51 Conspiracy Ltd 
CAT No: ODD015 
All Music & Artwork © 2016 KINGBASTARD