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Kingbastard - 'Standalone' Vinyl Release

2018-02-08 15:43:57 by Kingbastard

I will finally be getting my first vinyl release, a four-track EP called 'Standalone', released on Ambidextrous Records and Distributed by Juno Reords on April 16th 2018

Kingbastard - 'Standalone' 12”, 180 gram Audiophile Vinyl coming soon on Ambidextrous Records Distributed by Juno Records



With a subject matter of an unsettled consciousness and the schizophrenic tendencies of the Artificial-Intelligence-Era, 'Chris Weeks', aka Kingbastard, has crafted a unique terrain for himself on his new EP, 'Standalone'; a beguiling workout of mind-bending, hardware-based electronic sounds.

Weeks fuses Techno sensibilities with an array of Experimental-Electronic techniques, producing an EP which echoes the genius of Aphex Twin & Autechre; making the UK-based Producer one of the most adventurous heirs of the Warp label.

The tracks found on 'Standalone' perfectly embody their titles, with glitch infused Techno, IDM innervation and fidgeting-synth flourishes, evoking the electronic-claustrophobia felt from living in our all-encompassing post-Snowden surveillance dystopia.

Championed by the likes of Bleep, Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6 Music), Rob da Bank (BBC Radio1 & 6Music), CLASH Magazine, Igloo Magazine, IRM (Indie Rock Mag), Future Music Magazine.

Norman's Lament

2016-04-08 15:34:08 by Kingbastard

Norman's Lament - Taken from my forthcoming album 'Iris & Norman'. Released by Odd John Records on Limited Edition CD & Digital Formats from Friday the 6th of May, 2016.



"Ingenious, raw, quick-fire-eclectic-electro-glitch, from the King of Bastards!" (Odd John Records)

'System Restore': the new album from Kingbastard. Released by Odd John Records on the 22nd of January 2016.
Digital Album available from the Odd John Records Bandcamp and across all good digital retailers. 
Limited Edition CD available exclusively from


Broken Windows 
Through which no lights stream 
Shattered system 
Battered machine. 
The bubble's burst 
A painful blister 
Old Memory 
A distant Vista. 
A nervous system 
Cannot be ignored 
Neither can it be 

System Restore works best as a 'gapless' album. 
Streaming via this site does not fully represent the true quality of the material or the gapless running order.

Music & Artwork by KINGBASTARD 
Released by: Odd John Records 
Distributed by: The state51 Conspiracy Ltd 
CAT No: ODD015 
All Music & Artwork © 2016 KINGBASTARD


Thllwnd Music Video

2015-12-11 07:08:08 by Kingbastard


Chris Weeks - 'Trip' LP Out Now

2015-11-07 08:21:04 by Kingbastard



New LP 'Trip' (under my own name 'Chris Weeks') was officially released on Limited Edition CD & Digital Format(s) on Friday the 6th of November 2015 on Odd John Records

You can stream Trip in full either @ or on my SoundCloud page, here: Trip

Trip is an expansive, multi-instrumental, psychedelic, dynamic-drone odyssey, which evolves & shape-shifts episodically.  To fully appreciate 'Trip' and it's more nuanced moments, it is best listened to in a quiet, dark space, using a large pair of headphones. 

Trip comes with a free bonus download of 'Chemiluminescence': 
A live dynamic-drone improvisation. 

Listen to an excerpt of Trip on Newgrounds here:


All Music & Artwork by Chris Weeks 
Released by Odd John Records 
© 2015 Chris Weeks Music


XY34R5 "A Decade of Bastardism!"

2015-10-02 06:05:47 by Kingbastard


New release, out today on Odd John Records, the epic 28 track double-album/chronological compilation

XY34R5 "A Decade of Bastardism!" by Kingbastard

Listen to the album preview mix on Newgrounds

As of September this year, Kingbastard (aka Chris Weeks) has been officially releasing music for 10 years. XY34R5 "A Decade of Bastardism!" is in celebration of this landmark. There is also an exclusive, Limited Edition USB Box-Set, designed & crafted by the man himself; featuring all 30 official Kingbastard releases from the last decade. That's 172 tracks, over 12 1/2 hours of music! Buy it now @

XY34R5 "A Decade of Bastardism!" is also released today across all good digital retailers, including:  
Juno Download  

and many more...


2015-08-28 09:16:59 by Kingbastard

Hey Newgrounds

As of the 1st of September 2015 I will have been officially releasing music as KINGBASTARD for ten years. Although I have been making music for a number of years longer, I think it is a landmark worth celebrating. 

So, I would like to introduce you to: KINGBASTARD - XY34R5 (Limited Edition USB Box-Set)

Limited Edition USB Box-Set includes all 30 official KINGBASTARD releases*. A total of 172 tracks, over 12 1/2 hours worth of music.


KINGBASTARD - XY34R5 comes in the format of an exclusive Limited Edition USB Box-Set, featuring: Black leather & metal style USB drive with double sided logo design & eyelet (key-ring attachment), set in black foam; housed in a matte-black presentation box with screen-printed logo design & magnetic seal. Also included in the Box-Set: A high quality card logo print, a unique, limited edition signed & laminated hand-drawn original artwork by KINGBASTARD & a 4-page booklet. The Box-Set is finished with a heavyweight red vellum & printed red card sleeve; wrapped in red paper.

(Each Box-Set comes signed & numbered; hand-drawn image will vary from one shown)

KINGBASTARD - XY34R5 (Limited Edition USB Box-Set) features:

- 6 Albums
- 15 EP's
- 7 Singles
- 2 Mixes
- 3 Videos

*All releases in the Box-Set come in high quality MP3 320 format, with artwork & bonus tracks included.

There will also be an independent digital release: KINGBASTARD - XY34R5 "A Decade of Bastardism!" - A chronological compilation of 28 KINGBASTARD tracks, one from each release featured on the 'XY34R5 Limited Edition USB Box-Set'. (There are actually 30 releases included in the Box-Set, but as two are 'Mixes' they do not feature on the compilation.)

The Box-Set also includes XY34R5 "A Decade of Bastardism!" as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC & more

XY34R5 (Limited Edition USB Box-Set) is exclusive to

"I would like to give massive thanks to all those who have supported & put up with me over the years. This is by no means the end of KINGBASTARD". 






I decided to compile an album of acoustic demo tracks & release them under my 'Myheadisaballoon' alias.

The album is called 'Exorcising My Inner Demos' & is a 'name your price' download, with no minimum (so free if you like.) You can stream the album in full & download it directly from my site: Myheadisaballoon 

There is also a very Limited Edition CD version, which can be ordered from the link above.

I hope you take the time to check it out & also listen-in to my audio here on Newgrounds: Kingbastard@Newgrounds


2015-07-17 06:08:47 by Kingbastard


Back, many moons ago (in approximately 2006), I released an album/collection of tracks called 'Balloonism' under the name Myheadisaballoon. To my surprise, an extended version of the album, which I considered lost, happened to still be uploaded to my Myheadisaballoon bandcamp page! As I now use the Myheadisaballoon alias for my more guitar 'song-based' material, I thought I would pop the album up here for free download under my Kingbastard moniker. Grab a copy of 'Balloonism' now from my Dropbox:
Here's the tracklist:
01: Pandora's Box
02: Ambidextrous Robot
03: Munchman
04: Byte-Back
05: Onion
06: Double Jeopardy
07: Night Night Monkeyman
08: Pissed Up & Miles From Home
09: Where Is The Sun?
10: Cold Tap
12: Floccinaucinihilipilification
13: P.I.N
14: Silicon Chips On My Shoulder
15: Dohraymelofi
16: Would You Like To Play A Game
17: Smell The Flowers Along The Way
18: Imaginary Friends
19: Office Space
20: Sounds Of Our Times