2015-08-28 09:16:59 by Kingbastard

Hey Newgrounds

As of the 1st of September 2015 I will have been officially releasing music as KINGBASTARD for ten years. Although I have been making music for a number of years longer, I think it is a landmark worth celebrating. 

So, I would like to introduce you to: KINGBASTARD - XY34R5 (Limited Edition USB Box-Set)

Limited Edition USB Box-Set includes all 30 official KINGBASTARD releases*. A total of 172 tracks, over 12 1/2 hours worth of music.


KINGBASTARD - XY34R5 comes in the format of an exclusive Limited Edition USB Box-Set, featuring: Black leather & metal style USB drive with double sided logo design & eyelet (key-ring attachment), set in black foam; housed in a matte-black presentation box with screen-printed logo design & magnetic seal. Also included in the Box-Set: A high quality card logo print, a unique, limited edition signed & laminated hand-drawn original artwork by KINGBASTARD & a 4-page booklet. The Box-Set is finished with a heavyweight red vellum & printed red card sleeve; wrapped in red paper.

(Each Box-Set comes signed & numbered; hand-drawn image will vary from one shown)

KINGBASTARD - XY34R5 (Limited Edition USB Box-Set) features:

- 6 Albums
- 15 EP's
- 7 Singles
- 2 Mixes
- 3 Videos

*All releases in the Box-Set come in high quality MP3 320 format, with artwork & bonus tracks included.

There will also be an independent digital release: KINGBASTARD - XY34R5 "A Decade of Bastardism!" - A chronological compilation of 28 KINGBASTARD tracks, one from each release featured on the 'XY34R5 Limited Edition USB Box-Set'. (There are actually 30 releases included in the Box-Set, but as two are 'Mixes' they do not feature on the compilation.)

The Box-Set also includes XY34R5 "A Decade of Bastardism!" as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC & more

XY34R5 (Limited Edition USB Box-Set) is exclusive to

"I would like to give massive thanks to all those who have supported & put up with me over the years. This is by no means the end of KINGBASTARD". 






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2015-08-29 08:47:13

Holy shit that's awesome!

Kingbastard responds:

Cheers man;)