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Kingbastard's News

Posted by Kingbastard - September 14th, 2012

Grab a copy of the new Kingbastard Remix of the Kid606 track 'Godspeed you African American emperor', taken from his forthcoming album "Lost in the game" dropping September 18th 2012 on Tigerbeat6.

Download now @ kingbastardmusic.com

You can check out a promo mix of the album here: soundcloud.com/kid606/kid606-lost-in-the-game-fu ll
The 'Gimme Summer' EP on the Tigerbeat6 SoundCloud page here: soundcloud.com/tigerbeat6
& the track 'New boss same as old boss' on the Kid606 SoundCloud page here: soundcloud.com/kid606/kid606-new-boss-same-as-ol d

Hype, Share & Enjoy


Kid606/Kingbastard Remix

Posted by Kingbastard - August 21st, 2012

Listen in full now @ the Tigerbeat6 SoundCloud page: Tigerbeat6 / Nibbana - Chris Weeks 'A Haunting Sun'

I have a new album coming out on the 28th August called 'A Haunting Sun'. It's my debut release under my own name, and the first release on the new label 'Nibbana'; a sister label to Kid606's iconic 'Tigerbeat6' label www.tigerbeat6.com specialising in Ambient / Drone & Minimalist music. I have a new site chrisweeksmusic.com where you can check out the track-listing, press release and album artwork, (full streaming will be available upon release). You can currently preview tracks here A Haunting Sun [Preview] I also have a new facebook page for this project here: Facebook - ChrisWeeksMusic so why not pop on over and give it a 'like' ;)


[Here's the album cover artwork]

New Album - 'A Haunting Sun'

Posted by Kingbastard - July 31st, 2012

My debut 'Myheadisaballoon' album 'Pop Goes The People!' is OUT NOW!
Available to download for the introductory price of £5, it comes complete with a bonus track and five pieces of bonus artwork, exclusively at Myheadisaballoon.co.uk

Please show your support by clicking the 'like' button on the album page and sharing the above link on Newgrounds, Facebook or Twitter etc...

'Birdspotter' from the album is now available for free download here: Myheadisaballoon - Birdspotter
or Listen/download it here @ Newgrounds: 'Birdspotter'

(Unfortunately there will be no CD version of this release as I've been too busy with other projects to fully dedicate time to designing/making it)

Hope you enjoy

Pop Goes The People! OUT NOW

Posted by Kingbastard - July 5th, 2012

Hey folks...

The track 'Honey' from my forthcoming debut Myheadisaballoon album 'Pop Goes The People!' is now available to stream & download for free @ Newgrounds here: Myheadisaballoon - 'Honey'

Clash Magazine are featuring 'Honey' in their August Issue...

"Chris 'Kingbastard' Weeks is here in a new guise with a taste of his forthcoming 'Pop Goes The People!' album. 'Honey' is a woozy slice of lo-fi dream pop that's like bathing in a particularly lush sunset."
[Clash Magazine - 'The Clash Essential Ten']

Hope you enjoy;)

Myheadisaballoon - 'Honey' [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Posted by Kingbastard - June 12th, 2012

Listen to a Promo 'Taster' Mix, showcasing the 10 tracks from 'Pop Goes The People!', Myheadisaballoon's forthcoming debut album, here on Newgrounds: Myheadisaballoon - Album Promo Mix

Pop Goes The People! is an album of idiosyncratic, lo-fi pop songs from the mind of a daydreamer...
Myheadisaballoon unites pop tendencies & lo-fi sensibilities with a refreshingly simple, honest & emotive refrain. Throughout the course of the record you'll hear eclectic, lovingly crafted intertwining melodies, ambient tones, layered harmonious vocals, and a wide-range of multi-instrumentation; all lightly dusted with a natural lo-fi sheen. This is 'pure, heart-felt Pop', no samples, no unnecessary 'over-polished' production, and absolutely no auto-tune! In a modern culture of cynical, generic, & overwrought manufactured pop music, Myheadisaballoon strips things back, champions the DIY aesthetic, & delivers music which is full of character, ideas, imagination & sincerity.

[Herb Recordings]

01: Start To Begin
02: Treefella
03: Birdspotter
04: C.O.W.A.R.D
05: Dust Yourself Down
06: Just Let It Go
07: Honey
08: Waiting For Weightlessness
09: Hello Alien Sun
10: Run & Hide

Everything by Myheadisaballoon.

For lots of free music downloads pop on over to myheadisaballoon.co.uk
Released by: Herb Recordings
Release/catalogue number: HERB#027
Release date: Aug 1, 2012

Myheadisaballoon - Album Promo

Posted by Kingbastard - May 28th, 2012


Download the title track from my album Beautiful Isolation for free here on Newgrounds:


The digital version of the album is available to stream in full & buy @ Kingbastard - Beautiful Isolation


Beautiful Isolation [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Posted by Kingbastard - May 5th, 2012

New EP from Myheadisaballoon ' [ H O L D ] ' is Out Now. Listen in full & download it for free @ http://myheadisaballoon.co.uk/album/h-o-l-d

FREE DOWNLOAD 'Myheadisaballoon' EP - [ H O L D ]

Posted by Kingbastard - April 21st, 2012

My 'Myheadisaballoon' - [ H O L D ] EP will be released on May 1st. If any reviewers or bloggers would like an advance copy in exchange for a few words;) then please contact me either via this page or @ chris [at] myheadisaballoon.com
The EP will be available as a 'name your price' release @ Myheadisaballoon.co.uk with no minimum price, so essentially 'free', although a little donation would be greatly appreciated;)

Also, my debut 'Myheadisaballoon' album 'Pop Goes The People!' will be officially released this year, 1st Aug, on Herb Recordings. I parted ways with WLM [White Label Music] as I felt things were taking too long to progress. So now I have control over the material again the [ H O L D ] EP will be a precursor to the album release. For now, why not check out my Treefella [EP] & grab some free downloads of the tracks 'Getting Your Own Back', 'Loop', & 'Movie Love' all at Myheadisaballoon.co.uk

Myheadisaballoon - [ H O L D ] EP

Posted by Kingbastard - April 2nd, 2012

The brand-spanking new Mini-Album from Solipsism - Habitual Hybrids is released today on Herb Recordings. It's a glorious hybrid of wonky techno rhythms and creatively crafted ambient textures. Available to stream in full @ Solipsism - Habitual Hybrids It's a steal at only £3.99. Grab your copy today!

Solipsism - New Mini Album

Posted by Kingbastard - March 16th, 2012

Download the full version of this MP3 FREE @:
http://kingbastardmusic.com/track/the-mist-desce nds
New Kingbastard album 'Lost Property' released 1st March 2012 on Herb Recordings.
More Information: http://kingbastardmusic.com

Written, Performed, Arranged & Produced by Chris Weeks.
Artwork & Video by Chris Weeks

© Kingbastard.