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Just to say I miss you Just to say I miss you

Rated 5 / 5 stars

First off, it's really nice to hear some fingerpicking here on Newgrounds, not many people posting that sort of thing;)
Really like the chord progressions and melody/riffs, and the transition from the slow to fast fingerpicking. It's hard for me to give you any 'tips' on where to take the track. I think, when you already have the 'bones' of a piece, then the best thing you can do is just keep playing it. Often it will develop naturally on its own through repetition, just follow where it leads, but try not to over-complicate things; in my opinion, it's often harder to write a 'simple' song, but they can certainly be the most effective/effecting.
Perhaps, when you're playing the song through, try to think of a lead vocal line/melody. This might help you develop the piece.

All the best

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UnknownGuitar responds:

Thank you man, I switched over to finger picking when I started listening to tommy emmanuel and learned a few things that way. I haven't really gotten the hang of it and was once attempting hybrid picking but all of that was way over my head haha. I've since been fixing up my mistakes on this song and my fingers have found that natural rhythm and pace.

I really appreciate the pointers man they are very useful and the style you play is just what I like and try to shoot for. You're songs have really been helpful to listen to and get more play in my cd player than Dispatch haha. So its safe to say you know exactly what to do and what you've said right there is more useful than half of the things I read.

Your music has truely been a gift man and has helped me a lot, I only hope to make something that can speak to someone someday as much as your music has to me and I thank you for taking the time to help a fellow guitarist out. :)

This review was really uplifting man. Continue making great music and live well :)

Be Gone Mr. Gawne Be Gone Mr. Gawne

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not normally the sort of music I would listen to, it's verging on eurodance, regardless this is an infectious tune and hard to ignore, I'm a sucker for chiptune/8-Bit sounds too;) There are some really nice techniques and touches to the production.

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Holyyeah responds:

Thank you for taking your time! It's very appreciated.

SmokeHole SmokeHole

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Very nice, I too can see it working well over a title sequence, for an RPG game perhaps. The orchestration sounds quite genuine and the arrangement is really well constructed, with each instrument having it's own space. The piece gets through quite a lot of dynamic variations in the timeframe, without ever sounding too busy or cluttered.
There's something about that title that doesn't sit right with me though;)
Good stuff.


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fearing responds:

Wow, a review from the KingBastard himself. Thanks man! I really appreciate your kind words. The title was definitely an afterthought as usual with my tracks, so it doesn't surprise me haha. I'll probably change it when I think of a better one.

Love your stuff!


Breakscream Breakscream

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Good stuff, been a while since I've listened to Breakcore style tunes, I enjoyed it, had all the right elements in there, the brooding mellow start, with the synth strings [reminded me a little of Venetian Snares 'Rossz Csillag Alatt Sz├╝letett' album] followed by the somewhat obligatory vocal sample and crushed and mashed drums. I enjoyed the synth work over the breaks, thought that added an extra dimension to the track. I would have like to have heard a bit more broken-beat/glitched elements in the mix to break up the arrangement a little but that aside the track works nicely as is.


PixelPorn responds:

Thanks mate :3 IRL i make dubstep, so the things taht are on newgrounds are mainly just small side projects made to relax from the wobbles;) Really enjoyed what you wrote here:)

Premoeffect - Stroma Premoeffect - Stroma

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I'm partial to a bit of House every once in while, especially the dancey, glitchy electro house of Feed Me & other artists like Rex The Dog and I think what you have here is a good basis to build upon. The arrangement is solid and progresses nicely, the synth work is good and fitting for the genre, I would agree with previous reviewers that the drop into the main body of beats n synths should perhaps come in a little sooner and also the kick could do with some fattening up, it's a little thin for my tastes atm, but that aside it's a very enjoyable and well produced track.

Glitch it up though, go on, you know you want to;)


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PrEmoEffect responds:

I love Feed Me <3 Anyways, the weak kick was just a lack of mastering at the time. I have fixed this now (aka, I did some mastering). I think what happened with the length was that I was obsessed with that starting synth. (this is what happens when you make really cool synths with intricate modulations for the first time haha). Hopefully I will be able to make these quickly in the future to work in the new genre of complextro.

Yes... yes I do ;).

Thanks for the review.

Ambient 3 (Airports) Ambient 3 (Airports)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Quality piece of ambience. You should check out Music For Airports by Brian Eno if you don't know it, excellent ambient record.
I give this 8/10 as I think it could develop a little more and it needs some bass-end freq's running beneath it imo, some nice subby drones perhaps.
V.Nice work though.


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sonicExplorer responds:

Wow thank you! Yeah I have listened to Music for Airports- that's what inspired me to make this. Awesome to get praise from you- I've checked out your stuff, It's fantastic being a radiohead fan (I find your styles somewhat similar.) I'll keep on working on this stuff probably.

Breathe With Me Breathe With Me

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Thanks for the link/download to this track, really good listening. It's a very visual piece, conjures up all sorts of imagery, as all good ambient music should. The pad sounds are very contradictory in my mind, in a good way. There's a glassy/icy cold feeling to the pads in the mid to higher frequencies and yet a noteable warmth in the sound too, perhaps thanks to the subtle bass frequencies giving your ears a little hug:).
Perhaps you could develop the track even further with some extra layers, maybe some deep sub-bassy pad elements or some fx/field-recordings and some extra synth layers. Whilst the track definitely conveys your mood I still think there's scope for creating a more evolving piece. At the drop out in the middle section around 4:30 it would seem a perfect opportunity to bring the track back in with a big flourish of extra layers, sounds and development to take the end to a big crescendo, but then again, perhaps adding to much and busying up the track may be detremental to it's emotive nature, it's a hard one to call, but maybe worth trying out?


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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I actually had thought of going out to my classroom and record people walking by and mixing it into a subtle background atmosphere that could provide a certain sense of "insanity", "enlightenment", or other things depending on how the track is interrupted. 4:30 is exactly where I wanted it haha, but I am not skilled enough to develop such a layered 2nd part. I did not want to stop it there, however, because I wanted to create another soothing pad development. I also had problems making the right type of sounds that, as you said, wouldnt distract from the flow of the song.

I am creating an album currently that has a mix of ambient / jazz / classical. It is all about the journey of this man who falls in love with something/someone and comes to realize its all in his head. I have been slowly improving my ambient skills and was very happy to get such a great turn out from this one. I just need to add a bit more of a "spark".

Thanks a lot KB, your one of the guys I look up to here. :)

SR - Organic Matter SR - Organic Matter

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Just Lovely:)

SineRider responds:

thanks :)

ya might like the new version check it out

SR - No City Dust Here (Cover) SR - No City Dust Here (Cover)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Cool to hear this on guitar, I never thought of translating this track across and have to say you've made it work really well. Look forward to hearing some additional layers to it too if you get the chance:)

SineRider responds:

Yeah it isn't exactly a song you would think to arrange for guitar, but the idea popped in my head yesterday and I was dead set on tabbing it out and figuring out the best way to play it. I originally played this on my classical guitar. It sounds best there but I was having trouble with my mic so I just went to electric guitar.

I'm definitely going to make a new version. I'm gunna try and add in some strange background noises like the original. I want it to be like an organic version, so no synths :)

}{BTN}{ Future }{BTN}{ }{BTN}{ Future }{BTN}{

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Cool Tune

Really enjoyed the progression of the track, the sound used are nice n big and compliment each other really well. I like the thumping beats and bass and I think the production is nice n solid, but a little over compressed perhaps & a little treblely in parts, mainly the hi-hats and other hi-percussive elements, they are a little piercing through my phones, but only a little.

B34T1N responds:

Thanks for the review, I always seem to get that problem with my hats but I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong. :(

I'm glad you enjoyed the rest though, thanks for reviewing. :)