Contemplation Moon LP - Released today!

2013-05-25 02:55:01 by Kingbastard

My new album Contemplation Moon is out today!
Stream the album in full, exclusively at

The Deluxe Limited Edition Boxset is now available to buy @
The digital version of Contemplation Moon is now available at all good digital retailers, including:
Bleep: Contemplation Moon
Boomkat: Contemplation Moon
iTunes: Contemplation Moon
Midheaven: Contemplation Moon
and many more, including Spotify, Amazon, emusic, etc...

Contemplation Moon LP - Released today!


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2013-05-25 11:39:51

gorgeous music as always! I seriously considering picking up the boxset if I get some extra cash soon

Kingbastard responds:

Thanks man, your support is always appreciated.


2013-05-31 18:20:06

Great stuff, man. That packaging looks fantastic. Always love hearing new stuff from you.

Kingbastard responds:

Thanks man, much appreciated.