Contemplation Moon - Boxset

2013-05-10 03:49:57 by Kingbastard

A unique Double-CD boxset, designed & handcrafted by Chris Weeks.

The Deluxe Limited Edition Boxset is a lavishly packaged Double-CD, strictly limited to 25 individually numbered copies only. The contents are housed in a smooth black card box, with a gloss printed outer & inner lid. The base of the box is signed, & black suede padding with bespoke black card inlay-tray and 'lifting ribbon' sit within. Upon opening the box you will find a printed transparency film on top of a protective foam layer. Underneath lays a large, signed gloss print of the album cover artwork, a satin-finish 8-page booklet, a custom inlay card with digital album download code, & two white CDs with minimal printed design; individually encased by heavyweight white-vellum sleeves, with 'moon-phase' gloss print inserts.

Available from 25th May, exclusive to

Contemplation Moon - Boxset


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2013-05-10 15:30:37

Looks good! I've been wondering btw, why did you get rid of most of your old tracks here at NG? I remember you had a toooon of music.

Kingbastard responds:

Thanks. To be honest, I really can't recall why I got rid of lots of my tracks on here, it was so very long ago. Most likely it was something to do with the zero-bombing, the fact that some had been published and that the majority of them were shite, who knows;)