Listen: new EP 'The Ebb & Flow' now...

2013-03-23 04:49:03 by Kingbastard

Follow the link to listen to my new EP 'The Ebb & Flow' Chris Weeks - The Ebb & Flow

The Ebb & Flow: An EP of guitar-only soundscapes. Featuring acoustic, electric, bass, classical, guitarlele, lap-steel & bowed guitar.

Staring out to sea. The Ebb & Flow of the tide. Waves of sorrow wash over you; a deep melancholy. Comfortable, a self-aware sadness. Its motives: wistful, romantic, hopeful, not without purpose; absorbing, fuelling creativity, a source of inspiration.

Available on Limited Edition Mini CD & Digital formats.

Listen: new EP 'The Ebb & Flow' now...


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2013-03-23 07:29:40

This sounds beautiful. Absolutely lovely.

Kingbastard responds:

Cheers, much appreciated.


2013-03-23 08:14:07

After about 30 seconds, it hit a tone/chord that snapped my mind right into that meditative state where you feel like you're falling backward through your eyes...

Kingbastard responds:

Nice;) Thanks


2013-03-23 10:11:20

cool! can't wait to pick this up

Kingbastard responds:

Cheers man


2013-03-27 06:09:34

I can testify that this is in fact a lovely little EP, beautifully crafted. Y'all should buy it.

Pay no heed to iCherii-studioz, be spams that exact comment on every NG news post he finds.

Kingbastard responds:

Thanks man;)