A Deconstructed Sun

2012-10-09 09:49:59 by Kingbastard

New mini-album, Chris Weeks - 'A Deconstructed Sun' released on the 29th October on 'Nibbana'; the new Ambient/Drone/Minimalist label from Tigerbeat6.

Listen to the first track from the album, [H] now @ Chris Weeks - A Deconstructed Sun

Press Release:

'A Deconstructed Sun' is a sonic representation of the Sun's elemental composition; breaking it down into its constituent parts.

Mirroring this process by utilising fragments of melodic and tonal explorations created for his ambient opus 'A Haunting Sun'; Chris deconstructed select elements and rearranged them to form new, unique audio collages.

The resulting conceptual 'mini-album' is a progressive and cohesive amalgam of sonorous ambience, lo-fi sensibilities, descriptive drone, experimental electronica & glitch.

A wonderfully realised record in its own right, it also serves as the perfect accompaniment to his debut LP on Nibbana, 'A Haunting Sun'.

[Tigerbeat6 / Nibbana]

A Deconstructed Sun


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2012-10-10 02:03:39

What a brilliant concept. Very artistic... keep it up! Man I am the only one who comments on here what the fuck.

Kingbastard responds:

Thanks man;)


2012-10-10 18:42:17

i couldn't get into a haunting sun but I love Hydrogen. LET ME HAVE IT NOW :(