Kid606/Kingbastard Remix

2012-09-14 22:36:00 by Kingbastard

Grab a copy of the new Kingbastard Remix of the Kid606 track 'Godspeed you African American emperor', taken from his forthcoming album "Lost in the game" dropping September 18th 2012 on Tigerbeat6.

Download now @

You can check out a promo mix of the album here: ll
The 'Gimme Summer' EP on the Tigerbeat6 SoundCloud page here:
& the track 'New boss same as old boss' on the Kid606 SoundCloud page here: d

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Kid606/Kingbastard Remix


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2012-09-15 16:34:51

VERY GOOD! You rule, Kingbastard!

Kingbastard responds:

Cheers fella;)