New Album - 'A Haunting Sun'

2012-08-21 04:13:18 by Kingbastard

Listen in full now @ the Tigerbeat6 SoundCloud page: Tigerbeat6 / Nibbana - Chris Weeks 'A Haunting Sun'

I have a new album coming out on the 28th August called 'A Haunting Sun'. It's my debut release under my own name, and the first release on the new label 'Nibbana'; a sister label to Kid606's iconic 'Tigerbeat6' label specialising in Ambient / Drone & Minimalist music. I have a new site where you can check out the track-listing, press release and album artwork, (full streaming will be available upon release). You can currently preview tracks here A Haunting Sun [Preview] I also have a new facebook page for this project here: Facebook - ChrisWeeksMusic so why not pop on over and give it a 'like' ;)


[Here's the album cover artwork]

New Album - 'A Haunting Sun'


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2012-08-21 14:18:33

What material do you use for your albums? Also, who prints them? I am about to release my album and am searching for options. Also, would you be selling a physical copy of this one?

(Updated ) Kingbastard responds:

Oops, only just seen this;) (better late than never huh haha)

I use a 230gsm card for the CD sleeves, a photographic paper for the colour inserts. For the booklets I use double-sided HP C6818A Professional Glossy Inkjet Paper. Outer sleeves are 'vellum' and the CD's themselves are white, full face printable. I do all the printing myself on two printers, it's a lot of work!

There won't be a CD for A Haunting Sun, unfortunately the label won't allow it. New label, new rules.
To be honest it's something of a relief, as the amount of work that goes into designing and printing the damn things takes up so much of my time;)

If you have a little money, then you might be better off going to a professional company to get a small run of CDs printed, say 150 copies, in a digipak format, akin to my Treefella EP. That was designed by me but printed and manufactured by mediashack (which is a UK company only, but I'm sure there will be similar places online for the US)

Hope that helps man, sorry for the late response.