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Pop Goes The People! OUT NOW

Posted by Kingbastard - July 31st, 2012

My debut 'Myheadisaballoon' album 'Pop Goes The People!' is OUT NOW!
Available to download for the introductory price of £5, it comes complete with a bonus track and five pieces of bonus artwork, exclusively at Myheadisaballoon.co.uk

Please show your support by clicking the 'like' button on the album page and sharing the above link on Newgrounds, Facebook or Twitter etc...

'Birdspotter' from the album is now available for free download here: Myheadisaballoon - Birdspotter
or Listen/download it here @ Newgrounds: 'Birdspotter'

(Unfortunately there will be no CD version of this release as I've been too busy with other projects to fully dedicate time to designing/making it)

Hope you enjoy

Pop Goes The People! OUT NOW

Comments (3)

Booooo I want the CD so I can put it on my shelf with your other stuff :(

Ah well. *goes to download*

Yeah, sorry man. I wanted to do a CD release too, but I have just been way too busy with other things to be able to properly put the time into creating the design. I could've released a simple version, but that's just not me;) So 'Digital' only was the way forward for this release.

Haha, that birdspotter song is adorable.


(Not sure where else to put this.)


I've been following your music since Beautiful Isolation, which I enjoyed but felt like the highs were too interspersed between the ambient bridges. I really liked your aesthetic though, so I kept checking back every now and then for updates.

The first listen to this knocked me off my feet. It's like you've taken your ideas from Beautiful Isolation & Lost Property but just skipped straight to the good parts in each song. Your songwriting has gotten stronger, too. I love how Treefella transitions through 3 different ideas. It's not flashy or showy. It's just really well done. The coda of C.O.W.A.R.D. is amazing, it's like being washed over by a giant wave of reverb.

The aesthetic is so good. It's like dream pop + shoegazer + (I hate comparing to bands) The Beach Boys. It's so warm, it's like a big fuzzy blanket.

This music is an inspiration. That you aren't 100x more popular is a crime. I bought the CD, I've spammed the link to my friends. I hope you can continue to make music for a long time.