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New Album 'Lost Property' OUT NOW.

Posted by Kingbastard - March 1st, 2012

The day has arrived; my new Kingbastard concept album 'Lost Property' is officially released.
You can listen in full now & buy the digital & Deluxe Limited Edition CD @ Kingbastard - Lost Property
It will also be available at all the usual digital outlets, iTunes, Bleep, Juno etc... [Links to follow]
Kingbastardmusic.com is the only place to buy the CD & digital formats complete with bonus material, which includes: 'high-res' image of the album cover artwork + sixteen unique pieces of art (one for each track), a bonus 'hidden' track, & the music video for Glim.
(Please share this link around to as many people as possible;)


Also, found out today that I won the OraMIX competition, details of the comp here http://oramics.herokuapp.com

Listen to my winning submission here http://oramics.herokuapp.com/tracks/7

For more info about Oramics and The Science Museum of London, visit http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/visitmuseum/gall eries/oramics.aspx

Also check out The Oramics Machine on Facebook.

New Album 'Lost Property' OUT NOW.

Comments (8)

Man that OraMIX tune is gorgeous. Is there anyway I can download that? I plan on picking up Lost Property album this week, just got my paycheck ;)

Hey man, I was told that I can't put the track up for download, but they may well offer it up for download at a later date. Essentially, they have the rights to it, not me, so if I went about offering it for free download then I would get in trouble;)
Hope u enjoy listening to Lost Property...

Oh yeah I understand that. I'm sure all the samples you used were under some sort of copyright. I wasn't sure if there was another page offering a download. Either way brilliant little tune. I've must have listened to it 10 times today.

I think i'll wait till I get the physical copy before I give it a true deep listening, but sampling it now. I wonder are you familiar with the artist Belong? A lot of tracks remind me of them.

No man, not heard of Belong, will have to check it out. Any track/album you'd recommend?

I just downloaded it. Congratulations on winning that contest. That's pretty awesome! If you ever hear of any future artsy like contests, I would love to enter some ambience into it. Im so glad Lost Property is out. Thanks man.

Cheers man;) Will do, keep an eye out on my facebook, if I see any things of a similar ilk I'll post them up there.

Well I've only heard the album October Language by them <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCVwphpw7YE">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCVwphpw7YE</a>

It seems like something down your ally. Noisy ambient music that really builds up as the track moves along.

Yeah man, I like this. I hear what you mean, definitely some sonic similarities. Will have to check out that album, cheers man.

omg, i want so bad :( you know how quickly/if you are expecting to run out of the physical cd? Because i am currently broke, and dont have a job (yay students). Also, i dont even see how you can break even with this sort of thing :/ Im studying graphic design at uni, and when i have to print out a book properly, it costs loooads :(

Also, gratz on the science museum competition man ;) maybe you have brian eno as a fan now :D Im sooo gonner have to go see the exhibition thing, seeing its only a 10min trip on the tube away ;)

At the current rate, I would say the first run will be gone within 3-4 weeks, although sales tend to slow down after a short while, & I will be making a second batch & possibly a third.
Yeah, you're right, it's not a project I am expecting to make any money on. It's done out of love and stubborness;) I have manageed to make it cost-effective by getting supplies in batch, but then of course you have to rely on the fact that people are actually going to want to buy it;) The main issue is the time it takes to make, but I like to try and offer something a little bit different, so it goes with the territory;)

You should definitely go see the Oramics Machine man, especially as you're that close! I plan on visiting at some point too, bit of a longer journey for me though.

Thanks for the comment.

I think...I think I love you


Just made a purchase, can't wait to get the cd :D Also, I recall you saying something about being able to sign it? That's be kinda cool if you could ;)

Nice1 man, thanks, really appreciate it. Yeah I'll sign it for you, no prob;)

Just bought the CD and refused to download the tracks so i can have an unsullied listening experience when it arrives. Looking forward to it!

Cool man, thanks very much;)

I would grab the download too though, there's some bonus items in there you might want;)

All the best