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Lost Property

Posted by Kingbastard - December 26th, 2011

First off, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year...

I have a new 16 track concept album 'Lost Property', which is being released 1st March 2012.

Here's a promotional video showcasing the tracks & artwork.

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The individual track artwork and Lost Property cover artwork shown on this video are available as part of a bonus download package, received along with a mixed version of the album upon purchase of the physical or digital version, only @ http://kingbastardmusic.com from 1st March 2012.

[You can download the Promotional Mix here: Lost Property [Promo Mix] or on my NG page here: Lost Property [Promo Mix]]

Press Release:

Following in the footsteps of his 2010 release Beautiful Isolation, Chris Weeks brings us his latest Kingbastard opus 'Lost Property'; a concept album which draws its inspiration from happening upon an old abandoned house whilst walking in the foothills of the Preseli Mountains, West Wales.

A more concise, but no less ambitious record than its predecessor, Lost Property primarily focuses inwardly on the house itself and its immediate surroundings. There are sixteen self-contained tracks, each meticulously depicting the different moods evoked upon discovery, exploration of, and departure from the property; however, each piece flows seamlessly into the next to form a picturesque, immersive and continuous soundscape, where fragile field-recordings, subtle spoken-word, and harmonious vocals rub shoulders with dusty micro-glitched grooves, retro synths, rich sub-bass, lo-fi landscapes and warped guitars; underscored with evolving, ethereal ambience.

Lost Property is the sound of Weeks' creative imagination in full flow; immediately enveloping the listener and never relenting, tracks segue effortlessly, unveiling a unique, genre-defying collage of beautifully crafted, descriptive sonic textures that honestly encapsulate the artist's experience and emotions.

[Herb Recordings]

Track Listing:
01 D.U.S.T
02 Old Blue
03 Danlan Speaks
04 Abandoned
05 Glim
06 Detached
07 Take Me Home
08 Fireplace
09 Rocking Chair
10 Under The Staircase
11 Memory's Ghost
12 The Mist Descends
13 Let's Go For A Walk
14 The Sunlight Breaks Through
15 Where Time Stands Still
16 Diwedd Y Llwybr Troed


Lost Property

Comments (3)

Promo vid sounded great, looking forward to it!

Cheers man;)

sweet, but march 1st is too far away D:

lol, not too far, only 2 months really;)

That promo sounded awesome, can't wait!

Thanks man;)