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Myheadisaballoon - Treefella [EP] OUT NOW!

Posted by Kingbastard - May 30th, 2011

Myheadisaballoon - Treefella [EP] is out today & I'm chuffed;) The CD looks great, even if I do say so myself; I'm unashamedly proud of it. I hope you'll all have a listen and consider buying it. (The first 10 CD's bought from my site myheadisaballoon.co.uk include a bonus Limited Edition piece of artwork:). Your support, as always, is very much appreciated...

Also available on CD from these independent record stores:

Piccadilly Records - Manchester
Sister Ray - London
Jumbo Records - Leeds
Trading Post - Stroud
Resident - Brighton
Mono - Glasgow
Fives - Leigh on sea
Borderline Records - Brighton
A&A - Congleton
& coming soon to Rough Trade East & West - London

Available digitally from all good distributors, including: wlmshoponline, iTunes, HMV, Amazon, Beatport, Spotify, Virgin, Play, Juno, Napster, emusic etc.

Please show your support by visiting my site & clicking the Facebook 'Like' button under the EP cover artwork:)


Myheadisaballoon - Treefella [EP] OUT NOW!

Comments (4)

Would you say this was better than the bastard files? *also, apparently bastardizing a synth means glitching it... is that why you call yourself KingBastard?*

Why am I the only one who comments here lol. :/

Lol, 'bastardizing' in general was the idea behind the name yeah. I chose it really as it represented my love of bastardizing sounds and styles and trying to create my own unique sound from them:)

Very different from The Bastard Files, so I couldn't really say if it's 'better' or not;)

(You're the only one who comments here because no-one else gives a shit hahah)

Ah, I see now. Treefella is more of a pop style, different from your bastard stuff. I guess that's why you call it "MyHeadIsABalloon" rather than "KingBastard" because it doesn't really have any bastardizing in it. ;)

You seem to combine the genres of ambient, pop, and glitch into electronic eargasms.

**Turned the bass on in my CD player today, your bastard files sounds a whole lot more awesome**

...Oh cmon I'm still the only poster? Bah, whatever.

I just thought youd like to know that I played your track, "Perhaps You Should Be An Animal" from the Bastard File in my music course today. We were suppose to show the class a song that pertained to rhythm. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it.

I've listened to your album in full now. My only complaint is having to constantly change CDs, but everything else is really awesome.

yeah man, i understand the whole changing of the cds thing so if you check your Inbox I have sent you a code to download the digital version of The Complete bastard Files in full, I know it's not the same as in all on one cd, but the CD pack was designed to be something unique and represent the seperate EP's as seperate 'files/folders' and also be a 'collector's' item, so I wanted to make it a bit different from just the usual one cd album:P