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Comments (6)


Ooh, two lots of love from Ruckie, woohoo;) ahahah


Wow, sounds amaazing. I will definitely have to put some aside to get myself a copy of this :)


Thanks man.

I am so excited for this release! I would love a hand signed copy :)

I also think you should sell a discography soon. I would totally buy it for artistic value. Your artwork is orgasmic. I show your music to all of my friends, and all of them love it. I'm making them buy a copy of this new album haha.

Hand-signed you say, that can be arranged;)

Thanks as always for your support;)

Giving out signed copies ehhhh?! XD i totally want one of those :3 and like i had said before i CAN'T WAIT for this album to come out

Thanks man;)

Yeah man, I think your style is extremely unique and expressive. Everytime I hear one of your tunes I can focus on my inner self and just relax. Seriously, your music is like medicine to me. It even got me laid once, in a very indirect way, lmao. xD

You are the only other artist that I know of on this site, besides me, that makes music directly from emotional expression based on the world around you. I can relate to your tracks pretty well. We should do a collar sometime whenever your done with this album. I want to plug in my guitar and glitch it with some field recording experiments and add some beautiful progressive landscapes and piano riffsâEU¦ would you be interested in sky ping sometime and putting our minds together?

Kingbastard - 'MY MUSIC WILL GET YOU LAID' - that'll help sell more copies;)

I don't do Skype, but I can be found on msn messenger every once in a while. I used to use it a lot, but it became a distraction, so I'm on there sporadically for work based stuff, using my chris@myheadisaballoon.com email.
I don't like to 'video-chat' tbh, so I just use the text side of messenger.
Whilst I think you would be the right sort of person/music-maker to collaborate with, I don't really do collaborative stuff. I've tried in the past with other folks and it always became tedious & drawn-out. That's not to say i wouldn't give something a go at some point, but I have to focus to other things at the moment, hope that's not too dismissive;)