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Balloon Head Fred Balloon Head Fred

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice! but....

...should've used my song 'myheadisaballoon':P n/88228

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eddsworld responds:

Damn, i totally should've D:

KB - Back To The Front KB - Back To The Front

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Stuff!

Course I am biased because you used my song, but it's a really good animation nonetheless.
I only wish it would get some more attention for you after all the hiccups along the way to getting this finished:)

Quality 5/5

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Whirlguy responds:

I can think of countless reasons for the low(well yeah, kinda) score, not naming them all here, hehe. It's been a pleasure to animate to your song, I might just do it again. Thanks for reviewing (:

Sketchy Friends Dance Sketchy Friends Dance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

love it

the simplicity of it is great and I am a BIG fan of synced animation to music.
If you ever fancy a collab that'd be cool. I have a new EP out in April and it would be awesome to have a little promo animation/vid for it. I wouldnt be able to pay you in cash, but I would be able to pay you with my music/CDs etc:P

Great stuff

TheBoogley responds:

I've had a listen to your stuff, I've been looking for music for future projects. I like the new track... but I won't be making a new project for a little while yet.

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Earn to Die Earn to Die

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great fun

quality game, really simple to play, really fun too. 25 days for me;)

Cave of Wonders Cave of Wonders

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cool Stuff

Great game, great graphics, gameplay and awesome music by Rucklo

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Beauty Resort Beauty Resort

Rated 4 / 5 stars

good game...

nice and simple, quite addictive but way way too overlong. I easily got to half way through the second level and got bored. Perhaps cutting the number of stages per level to 3 might make the game more appealing and instant?
Good stuff though.
Nice graphics too.

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Pitbulljones- Shine On Pitbulljones- Shine On

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I really like the effects on the guitars, the beat and general vibe of this makes me think of early radiohead crossed with snowpatrol (but with a little more meat on its bones;) As an instrumental piece it's involving and the evolution of the sounds creates a good dynamic to the overall piece. i do think it's missing a singer though, something to elevate it to a higher level.

pitbulljones responds:

haha, yea it has got a bit of the snow patrol about it, I will take early radiohead comparisons and run with that though haha. I would love to get vocals on this but do not have a singer to hand. I could send some stems over and you could have a bash though :)

Pitbulljones- Thinking Back Pitbulljones- Thinking Back

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Definitely a cinematic vibe to this. I dig the beats, but I think I'd llike to hear it without them also. It could be a very calming ambient piece. I find the little synth string part (panned to the right) that comes in around 1:52 a little off-kilter. Like one of the the notes in the riff doesn't quite work with the chords of the piece. It clashes a little, but only a little. It's quite a 'stargazing' piece this. I could definitely image watching the stars late at night with this washing over me.

pitbulljones responds:

Thanks KB for the review mate! I could certainly try something without the beats and see how it sounds. I'll have to agree on the stringy note thing, that is the weakest part of the track, it's a middle section or it's own sake to break up the track...I'm glad you got that cinematic vibe though. I do try to aim for some sort of atmosphere. Many thanks again.

Pitbulljones- You're Good For Pitbulljones- You're Good For

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yo. Lovely sound to this one man. Nice stereo width on the effected guitars, and a good depth to the production. Sounds liek there's a couple of 'peaking' issues on some of the sounds as there's a slight buzz or crackle when some hit the limit, sometimes a problem when you pan stuff quite so wide. The track has a great development to it, nicely arrnaged, it grows and changes shape very organically. The persistent glitch beat allows the other parts to evolve and change shape without ever lossing the rhythm. Great job.

pitbulljones responds:

Thank you very much for the review KB. You are bang on about the peaking issues. I have actually been going trough the mix again and redoing the levels, effects etc and should hopefully be posting am much clearer mix. I have got new speakers some m-audio bx5's and I'm using a roland Octa Capture, so I'm still learning the ropes with them but they are loevly, I have to remember they don't mask a single bloody thing ha. I'm glad you like the development, I can appreciate it sticks to the same pattern throughoput but I do i try to change things up. Many thanks again, I'll let you know when the redone mix is up :)

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Multicolor Octopus Ink Nghtmrs Multicolor Octopus Ink Nghtmrs

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Love it man, the contrast of the black and white against the colour works very well indeed, looks even better when viewed at full size, the detail jumps out at you.

Great stuff man, glad I could be a source of inspiration:)

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Rhunyc responds:

Thank you a ton for taking the time to look at it and leave a comment.. Most appreciated sir!! :) :)